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December 12, 2011

Hey Family!
Been a great week. Went by pretty fast too. I got a letter from Kathleen finally. She wrote me like 9 weeks ago, but it was sent to Pooler and I wasn't there anymore. The Elders there tried to forward it to me, but the post office couldn't read their hand writing and sent it back to kathleen. Assuming that's what happened, i wrote her again.. haha. So I got a new letter from her Razz It's always good to get letters! On that note It's good to hear that the Young Women enjoyed my letters. I was worried that there may have been one or two that weren't there or for some other reason didn't get a letter from me. Make sure they have my mission address

If they all really do write me back that would be too many girls to keep track of making sure they always get my new address... So mission office is fine, I'll still get them Very Happy

I played 3 hymns this Sunday for the branch on the piano. I did much better than weeks previous. Who would have thought that it helps to practice. hahaha. And yes mom, I do have an Easy Hymns book. It's actually the Simplified Hymns. But same thing right? I try to practice one from the normal book too just to work on my skills. There was one this past Sunday that wasn't too hard in the normal book that I was about to do. Now I can't remember the name of it.. I want to say it's the hymn right after God Be With You Til We Meet Again. but i could be wrong. I'm looking forward to my skills ever increasing! I don't mind playing for meetings. Makes me feel special Very Happy

You know what I really miss though? The Temple D: We don't have on in our mission boundaries, so we aren't allowed to go. There is a possible exception for when recent converts get their endowments or get sealed, but I'll have to see. That would be nice! I have some recent converts that would be coming up on being a member a year in April! that would be great. The temple is such a wonderful place! And a peaceful one too. I feel like a super missionary, in my letters to girls from the Justin ward I've made mention that they need to set goals to Marry in the temple and nothing else!! I see so many family's where one of them was raised a member, they married a non-member, and their still working on getting them to be members. being generous, 20% of people raised in the church eventually get their spouse in the church and marry in the temple. It's just not worth the risk. SO I encourage them to accept nothing less than a temple worthy and temple ready date. haha. I almost feel like a creeper saying it... but I must! i feel awful enough meeting people I don't know who go through this struggle, I want to do my best to keep those I DO know from going through the same struggle.

Welp! Almost to another Christmas on my mission. Craziness. Ready to hear my voice again? We are allowed to Skype also. I just need to find someone with a webcam... I'll let ya know Razz

I thought of a few more things I could use for Christmas, but I can't remember what they are now-- OH! I wrote them down!
If you could, I'd like a Regular Sized Green Quad to match my scriptures. I'd like to carry around a Quad and a Spare Book of Mormon... Very Happy And, Could you scan me a copy of my call letter please? I would actually like that more than a Quad.

I hope you enjoy my additions to the upload site Jessica Very Happy
Adrianne, did you get your birthday card I sent you. I feel like you send me an email on it, but now I can't find it :O
Marina, stay awesome! I love you Very Happy Remember who you are and what family you're from, and how awesome your brother is! If you can find a guy as awesome/humble as me, that'd be great!
Mom, take care of Jemma.... hahaha. I love you too! and don't feel bad that you don't write me. The purpose of my letters is that you get letters Very Happy
Dad, stop having so much fun without me. hahaha. I love you too.

I love you all!
-Elder Rhodes

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