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November 14, 2011

Good Morning agiain family!
My new companion is Elder Crites! I actually served around him when I was in Pooler. He's an extremely smart missionary.. I have a lot to learn from him. So far it's just been deep doctrine... so not super beneficial to a 'missionary' since we're only supposed to teach the fundamentals, but it all ties in somehow. The ipod has come in handy!! I love it. I wish they gave all the missionaries iPhones. it would make missionary work so much easier.
That's probably one of the more interesting things about my mission. I remember multiple people telling me that my Cell Phone and my Video games and all the time I spent on the computer would hinder me on my mission, and all I would want to do is be on the computer... well that's only part true. i'm just find without the computer, but I know so much about them that I see so many ways I could improve missionary work through technology. God has blessed us with technology for a reason. I was listening to a talk last night by Cleon Skousen, about his book "the 5000 year leap" where he mentioned the interesting fact that it wasn't until after the gospel was restored to the earth that we started to get so many inspire technological breakthroughs. it wasn't even until after the keys and powers of work for the dead were restored to Joseph Smith that the first Family History organization was created. We've got technology for a reason. We aren't smart enough to have created it on our own. Now we have to make best use of it for God's purposes!

well i'ma stop rambling on about how fun computers are. hahaha. I love you family! I hope you all are doing great!

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