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September 20, 2011

Hey Family! So earlier this week we were on Google Maps trying to figure out where all the members live, and we used a little to see what kind of tools the church has to show us the ward roster and show them on a map. In the process I recalled that I could get our new home address on there... haha. Don't know what I didn't think of that before...

Been a swell week. One of the elders in our apartment got early transferred to Florida, so his companion joined Elder Tomlinson and I. Now we're in a 3-some! we had to rearrange all our furniture and our study room so we could fit all of us in the same room. We did pretty good too. I kind of like the new setup! One nice thing about the 3-some... We now have 2 cars. haha. So we alternate cars each day to save miles, and allow us to go see more people. I wish they would just give us more miles. We have such a huge area. To even bike anywhere it's 30 minutes and any direction to civilization that wont pull a gun on ya... no I'm kidding. But it is 30 minutes to get to anywhere we're trying to work. But hey, we had a baptism this past Friday! Even though I inherited it from the Elder that left... haha.

This morning we had a kid from the ward come do morning studies with us. He's way cool. He's 19 and preparing for a mission. We're helping him out. He's learning so much from the scriptures! it's great. I wish I had studied like him when i was home. But regarless, I'm here serving now!

We heard from Elder Per G. Malm from the quorum of the seventy came to our mission to speak to us this past Tuesday. It was wonderful! A revelatory experience for sure. He quoted David A Bednar who said that we shouldn't call sacrament meetings and other Sunday school meetings just 'meetings'. They should all be Revelatory Experiences. He was a funny man. Kept it all very interesting for sure. The rest of the evening we were on a high spiritual plane,and taught 4 awesome lessons!!!

Aaah the gospel is so great.

I was studying on Eternal Life this past week. Finding all the scriptures I can share to help teach people more about it. Was a great study! Eternal Life is living with God AND Jesus Christ in the celestial Kingtom. The Holy Ghost is the Promise of Eternal Life (D&C 88:4) If we are not worthy of the spirit, we are not worthy of the Celestial Kingdom. That cleared up a lot for me. I've heard the question before, how do I know if I'm going to make it into the celestial kingdom? well.. After going through the temple my thoughts where, if you can go through worthily, you will make it to the celestial kingdom. that is true. But that's not the requirement. The Requirement is to be worthy of the Holy Ghost. hahaaaaaa! I love learning tid-bits like this Very Happy

well I must go. I didn't have a time limit on the computer today. One of their computers here in the Library wasn't working right and wouldn't let people reserve it. So i hacked around their problem they were having and now I"m on the computer without a limit Razz Not like anyone was using it anyway. it's been sitting here for the past 4 weeks not being used. haha. I amuse myself sometimes Very Happy

Love you family! Don't forget to go to the temple as often as you can! It's more important than Movies or Video games you know Razz I wish I were allowed to go on my mission D: MAYBE if there were a temple within our boundaries. But even then, who knows. Anyhow. I must go. Love you!

Elder Rhodes

p.s. Don't forget to work on your profiles! I've been searching for you D: No avail

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