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August 22, 2011

Hey Family!!!
I'm in Pooler Georgia!!! So exciting to be back in Georgia!

About the Medical stuff, I'm just waiting for Sister Barry to mail me a list of Chiropractors that take the church insurance, then I'm going to go get a check up. I am feeling pretty good though. I even went for a short jog this morning. Felt great. Hopefully I can start running better. I'm so out of shape after being sick for so long.

I hear there's a Hurricane coming out way! I'm excited for it. The Mission president told us to keep our cars full of gas just incase we need to evacuate. On that note... do you think You'd be able to send me my HAM Radio? It might be nice to have for events such as this. Just the Handy Talkie should be fine.. Maybe a new sweet antenna. This may be the only hurricane that we really get, I dunno. It's actually coming right for us... last I hear anyway. The nearest big town is Savannah Georgia.. and we're about 5 miles west, and Savannah is right where it's coming!!

I've been doing good otherwise. They made me a senior companion again. Hooray power! haha. Kidding. He's a crazy kid, Elder Tomlinson. He rode dirt bikes and ran cattle back home, and did Team Roping. He's from the Georgia Macon mission. The Florida Jacksonville Mission recently picked up the Savannah area, because the Macon is getting dissolved. It might be completely dissolved now.. But we got a lot of new missionaries(like 40) and he was one of them. This new transfer they have One FJM missionary with every (former)Macon Missionary. We can assimilate them now. Resistance is Futile!

4 more days and I'm at my year mark. Creepy. I haven't been here that long! But the end still seems so far far away. I think God does that to our minds on purpose so we dont' worry about leaving so soon. But then again, we slack sometimes too... not me though. I'm doing my best! and always getting better!!

I love you family!
Still wondering were that Tomtom is... it's ok though, Elder Tomlinsons Parents just sent him a GPS, so i'll be good for the next 6 weeks. He's been here about 3 months now. So he may very well be getting transferred after this. Shall see, but shall work hard int he mean time.

Love you again. Glad you're liking the new house.
Don't' forget to email me some pictures! I wanna see too.

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