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August 15, 2011

Hello Family!

I am getting transferred D: I just really liking Orange Park too. But, I suppose I've completed what the lord sent me here to do Razz now I'm excited to see where they send me. I hear Savanna Georgia is nice.. who knows!? I'll have to let you know next Monday where I'm going. I wish they would just tell me...
My companion (Elder Bezzant) is worried that when I leave they'll take the car with me because I've been sick lately. hahaha. I wonder... This area really needs a car though. I do hope it stay's here. Plus if my new area doesn't have a car, then I'm thinking God is trying to tell me something...

This week has gone by pretty quick. I've been feeling better too. I'm still not sure what's wrong. The medication they gave me is working though, but it's so expensive I never want to buy it again... On that note I need some more money on my debit card D:

It's good to hear you're enjoying the new house. And Laredo too. I want to know how big the yard is Razz you need to send me some pictures soon! I hope you've gotten all the computers set up and figured out Razz

I really like the UT Tyler shirt y'all sent me Razz I've gotten a Texas fridge magnet, a Texas flag, a Texas road house shirt, a Texas sticker(I have stuck to the back of my name tag), and now a UT Tyler shirt Razz Texas Rules!!

I was wearing a Blue and Orange tie the other day, and our neighbor came over to get a fan from us, and being an avide football fan made a comment on how ugly my tie is(comparing it to the Florida Gators Colors...). So just to throw him a curve ball, my companion was wearing his Georgia Bulldog shirt last night, and I decided we'd go to our neighbors to tell him we needed a new air filter for out A/C(he's the apartment maintenance man), and I put on my Florida Gators Hoodie. So with two opposing team logo's on, and our neighbor being anti-fan to both of them, we went next door to talk to him. when he saw them he had a mean twitch come to his eye. hahaha.
I think I remember President Uchtdorf talking in Conference about irrational football fans... Razz the actual quote is:

How is it that normally kind and compassionate human beings can be so intolerant and filled with hatred toward an opposing team and its fans?

haha. So anyway. I'm doing good. Just working on Packing for transfers. I hate packing D: I wish I could just stay here the rest of my mission. But, unfortunate to that desire, God wills me do be somewhere else. Or rather, someone needs me somewhere else.

Don't forget to work on your profiles Razz is awesome!

Well family. I love you. hope you're doing good. I'm praying for Scott. that wild man...

Elder Rhodes
Official Representative of

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