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July 18, 2011

Hey Family!
Still here... I'm going in for a CAT Scan later this week, and they've given me some fun Barium stuff to drink.... I'll let you know next Monday if it makes me throw up or not. haha.

Been another good week. We got a large print for a slightly-less active member who's taking a Job trip to Ohio, and my companion and I wrote our testimonies in it. Hopefully it helps him out. He's really got a sweet family.

We've had a few random donations of food to us.. haha. it's been radical Razz All we have to buy today is milk.. and Gatorade mix.. I've been craving Grilled cheese lately, but the doctors told me not to with my abdominal pain D=

We found this really cool girl this past week that we set a baptismal date with. She had half a million questions about nearly every single thing we said. They were sincere questions too. Her dad used to be a preacher in a cult... then he was just a preacher, and he's shared with her quite a few things of gospel knowledge. We were able to fix the loose ends and correct some false things, and with each one she was like, "Wow! Yeah that makes much more sense!!" She was excited for church, and excited for us to come by again. Sadly, the next day she txt us informing us taht her parents didn't agree with her coming to our church because they thought it was a cult, in which she didn't agree, but she doesn't turn 18 until later this year so she's bound by their rules still.. So that stinks, but she's so solid! She can at least still text us, and they aren't going to take away her book of mormon or access to So she'll have plenty of time to learn, teach herself, and be taught by the testimonies of members who have made profiles!!

All the more important of a reason to have a profile. It may seem like just another profile, but it will help someone sincerely searching to find the truth. Much like the Book of Mormon. A lot of people we talk to think it's just some other version of the bible, but infact it's a signicifant and true account of a people who lived on this earth and their dealings with God, and reading it WILL without a doubt bring any reader to more truth and better understanding of the gospel.

Sharing my testimony feels so great!

Love you all! I hope you're all doing good. Marina tells me that she's golfing so much that some think it's too much. Well, some think that I proselyte so much that 2-years is too much. Nonsense!!!!

Elder Rhodes
Official Representative of

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