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July 4, 2011

Hey again Fmaily!
I'm still alive... still.. I may be switching doctors soon. I have another appointment this Wednesday and if they still don't do much to try and figure out whats wrong with me I'm goin to a different clinic with a better Rep that some members have been telling me to go to. I will get better yet!

Transfers is tomorrow, Elder Bezzant and I are staying! I'm glad for that. I don't like moving around so much, and there's still so much to be done here! Not to mention if I got moved I would have to find new doctors... and my poor new companion would also have to deal with me bed rest. Elder Bezzant handles it's very well. He's practically insane now from being in the apartment so much, but he's keeping diligent very well. It's kind of hard on me, because he's so eager to go work that we move to fast sometimes. I feel very bad D: I just want to get better!

I've finished the Book of Mormon 2.5 times, the new testament, the Pearl of Great Price, and now I'm half way through the old Testament. Finally the linage of the 12 tribes makes send to me. I'm eager to learn more as my reading carries on!! I do Sudoku Puzzle's when I'm feeling well enough to sit up while I listen to the scriptures. So I'm getting some good logic training on my brain too! I'm getting so good at Sudoku!!

I love all these talks I have too! Maybe I should get an iPod Classic so I can have 250Gigs of space for all the General Conference Talks! I love them so much! Never before have I felt so much power from the words of the Apostles and prophets. Never have I understood them as I do now. I love it so much! Now if only I could work more... I would love that too. BUT perhaps the Lord is trying to help me learn more to be prepared for something in the future.. I'm not sure. I've only got motab on my ipod now. the rest of it is the standard works and talks from church leaders. I wish I had more room for them though! I should have known 8gigs wouldn't have been enough for me!

well I love you all, and I hope you're doing gooooood. I got a letter from Keryna this week! I think Marina's letter and Her's are the only letters I've gotten since I've been here... But I did just write a bunch of people a few weeks ago. Maybe they'll write back soon...

Time has been going by faster... It's crazy!

We had a recent convert give us some Black Cherry IBC soda's. They were really goooood!!!

Elder Rhodes
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