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December 17, 2010

YLIMAF!! am doing quite well. I seriously Never knew I had a natural drawl until I got here. Everyone here has a thick accent, so mine starts to come out too. It's a mind thing. like.. I adapt to the way people talk. lol. I've recalled and noticed I did it around the Gammons too. weirdness... They do feed me good food. MUCH better than Florida. i got steak, potatoes, green beans and corn bread for the first time this past week. OH I was so happy. They even have an obsession with A-1 sauce like I do. I was right at home Very Happy

I'm senior companion now. I dunno if I mentioned that. It's crazy. I've just gotten here and they put me with a new guy. I dunno what they were thinkin'. We've been doin just fine though. I suppose God knows me better than I know myself... lol, of course he does.

It'll be a weird christmas, BUT i just got the package today from mom that she told me she sent like 2 months ago, but she actually forgot to send it.... So I was pretty well expecting nothing at this point. Made me happier to get one Razz Grandma & Grandpa Rhodes sent me a christmas card Very Happy that made me happy too. i love them. I'll be sending a Christmas card/picture soon too.

So far so good in georgia. I've become the apartment fix it man. This new one isn't bad, but previously missionaries obviously have no fix-it skills. I've been fixing bikes, the AC, sinks, doin dishes, I made a makeshift rubber door thing that goes under the door to keep cockroaches from crawling in as well as the cold air, and the doors to our washer and dryer, so now it's a lot quieter when we do laundry. Wasn't even hard to fix. It's crazy. Kinda goes to show me how I'd Like to build my own house, so i can do it right.... lol. maybe.

just tuffin' out the cold. I'm so glad I brought my scarf, it's been the best thing I've brought so far other than my stuffed monkey and my southern accent. haha. I've also discovered i'm a bit prideful, and so is every other texan out here with me... Not quite bad I'd say, but one companion we have here is anti-prideful. not in a bad way.. or... i dunno it's just amuzing. he's an awesome guy, and he's from canada, so he's strange anyway Razz

gotta go!
Someone needs to like, overnight send me the recipe for mrssimmons twisty bread. I wanna make some for christmas D:
Love -Elder Taylor Rhodes

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