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December 13, 2010

fAMILY! Guess what?! I'm in Georgia now! I'm as West in georgia as this mission goes.. which i guess isn't as cool as it sounds.. I'm lovin in here though. My matress is worse than the mattress in my old apartment, BUT I found out that all I have to do is call the mission office and they'll buy a new one, IF i can't find someone in the ward to donate a mattress to us first. When I asked the relief society president if she could help us out, she said he has a spare she'd give us. fancy that! If it's in bad shape though, I'll probably just buy a new one... lol don't tell the ward that though!

The ward here is way sweet. half the ward is related to each other, and they all speak with real southern accents. My drawl is exposing itself quite a bit now. I'm getting so much better at teaching and testifying with the spirit. It's miraculous. I love the Holy Ghost so much! If I didn't have the Holy Ghost all my efforts would be pretty much pointless.

Have y'all made a profile yet? You really should! Marina will be able to when she turns 18 this month!..... Snap..... AH! Marina's gonna be 18!!! that's so weird... Marina you're not allowed to get married while I'm gone. It just wouldn't be right!

As for everything else, I'm still doing good, and I hope y'all are still doing good too.

Did you get the medicare stuff figured out yet? What about the step by step guide I made for Mom and Dad? I hope it made sense.. If there's anything else you need more help with just let me know and I'll do my very best to explain it Razz I'm going to be helping a family in the ward setup their computers this Christmas.

I'll see if I can't stop by the post office soon and have them forward my mail. I'm wondering it would just be easier to have you guys give the Mission Office address to people. Would definitely be less of a hassle for you.

For those who write me more often than others I'll just keep sending letters with my new address on them Razz

I love you guys!
-Your missionary
-Elder Taylor Rhodes

p.s. There's a few inactive Rhodes families in this ward. The bishopric asked me specifically if I could go visit them. Maybe use my cunning Rhodes charm to bring them back to church. Not sure about one of them though.. they own a Tattoo parlor.. i shall do my bestest!

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