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December 6, 2010

Family! SO I am being transferred tomorrow. I don't know where I'm going yet, but i'll send you guys a letter as soon as I get to my new place. Everyone in my district is sad. They all love me. What can i say, I'm different, so I'm awesome. lol. I'll miss my room mates. The other two guys in the companionship that's in our apartment are from Texas also. My little Utah companion Elder Taylor said our Texan pride was swallowing him alive. lol. I will miss this area, i've really grown to love the ward and the people around here. I wont miss the University as much... It's 50 degree's and girls are still jogging in booty shorts and tank tops, they're crazy?! Where ever I go I know I'll grow to love everyone the same. The church is true no matter where you go right? Very Happy

This week has been rough. Only because it dropped 30 degree's in one day. it was 60 at about 5 in the morning, then dropped to 30 within half an hour. it was absurd! Weather here is just as bipolar as Texas. lol. I'm definitely glad I brought my scarf with me. as long as my face and my body is warm the rest of my feels fine.

I bought a University of Florida hoodie today! I had a 25% off coupon Very Happy Now I have a beenie(found it in the street, brand new... washed it twice of course) and a hoodie! This should be enough to satisfy me. I don't really need Things, I'm here to preach not to collect prizes Razz... i will let you know though. lol.

I hope you enjoy the pictures.

OH! Before I forget, DAD, can you send me that little jar of grease that I have from TRC in the garage? it's called PARAGON 3000, should be a shiny red grease. I'd LOVE it for my bike Razz if you're having so much fun with the cars, you should call TRC, signup to be a sales man and sell yourself some jugs of grease, gas stabilizer and super good quality motor oil. Even better, by using their oils, they can run oil tests for you for free, which can help you diagnose engine problems before they get serious. Cool stuff!! Very Happy You can have all sorts of fun there. I know I did... You can even get their hand soap that I had samples of. Awesome stuff! I'd like a can of their chain lube, but I'll survive without it. Check out their website and click on "Quality Lubricants"
DAD you need to send me pictures of the cars too. I wanna see all the fun stuff you're doing to them Razz

Well i love you all! Hope you're all doing swell!
-Elder Taylor Rhodes

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