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November 29, 2010

Family! So, my companion and I no longer have car Sad don't ask why, BUT I'm sure glad I have a nice bike! I got a headlight and taillight for it, because apparently it's a law here in Florida that bike riders have one at night, then I also got a speedometer... More out of habit of having one than anything else. They have some strange laws here in Florida. Such as if you have a car in your yard it's required to be licensed and registered or something like that, regardless if you're in the city or in the deep country. So I'm all good! The last thing i should have need to buy would be a tire repair kit and a can of instant fix-a-flat. Other than that I should be ok.

I had a good thanksgiving. I hope you guys did too. We had lunch with a recent convert family, then around 5 my comp and I started riding our bikes to have dinner with our investigator/less-active family, then my companion got a flat tire. After a few desperate calls to members who were out of town for rides to our appointment(should have though.. lol) we started to walk back to our apartment. when we were about a half mile there, a some guy blew past us on a motorcycle and honked at us, we waved thinking it was a member, as usually is. about 5 minutes later, the guy came back and asked us if we wanted to come to his place for thanksgiving with his family. It turned out to be a less active guy, who's dad is high priest group leader in a neighboring ward. What a random miracle. lol. They were all Venezuelan, and I thought the food tasted weird, while my companion(who's half Argentinian) enjoyed it quite heartily. It was an interesting night for sure.

Doh! There's a few things I need you to send me... but I can't remember what they are... let me think....... Nope can't remember. I'll have to write it down during this week and let you know.

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