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November 22, 2010

Hey there family. I'm doing swell. My back is a little sore.. but that's a whole different story. I've had a good week this week. I'm learning so much about the gospel it's insane, and realizing more and more how impossible it would possibly be for Joseph Smith to have "made up" the book of Mormon. He's have to be Godly insane...... not that it's an issue to me, just from stories by missionaries about people thinking he made it up, anyone who thinks that obviously has not read it, or is stupid, or both. Needless to say my confidence is rising, my knowledge expanding, my testimony growning, and the holy ghost is trying to teach me to fly. Still working on that last one though.

I had the most absurd flying dream the other day... only, missionaries were actually a mutant organization run by the government, and they turned our bones to be hollow like birds so we were lighter, and we could float around, but had to sleep in barrels of some kinda goo to survive the night.... yeah-lets just say it was strange and made no sense at all. I'll be happy when i can take a metaphysics class in the future and at least 'think' i know what my dreams mean. lol.

So we found a less active family that showed up to church randomly, they went to the wrong ward because they didn't know the boundaries had changed, but the missionaries there called us and let us know. They have a 9 year old daughter that wants to be baptized of her own decision after hearing about it from her mom who's been slowing coming back to church. So we've got a miracle of an inactive family coming back, and a little girl wanting to be baptized! so cool. Just being careful that they actually want to come back to church or else her baptism will be rather pointless to her life. We are doing our best!

Well I gotta go now. love you guys!
-Elder Taylor Rhodes

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