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November 8, 2010

FaMiLy! Still doin good. The weeks are starting to go by faster.. I'm not so sure I like it. Doing good regardless. Still learning so much about the gospel. I love it! I feel kinda dumb for not studying or preparing more or sooner. There's so much to be learned and so much I could have had a better understanding of before I came out. It's all good though. I at least know enough to be able to teach the entire gospel to someone who doesn't know anything about it. The more I learn the easier it is to simplify things and answer questions and concerns people have. The weirdest one I've had so far was from a really nice guy, wasn't much interested much beyond what we had to say after "Joseph Smith saw God and Jesus," because he claimed that no where in the bible has anyone seen God and Jesus... which isn't true. At the time I didn't know where to find it, but i knew his claim wasn't true. The next few days I looked it up and studied it so I would know where it was. What blew my mind, was he quoted us scripture to 'prove' no one can see God, but every where I searched and read pure evidence of prophets seeing God and Jesus, were the same scriptures he read to my companion and I, only the guy didn't read further. Makes me question if this man even read the bible, or just highlighted verses he heard in his church. I really don't know, but it was pretty silly. If one would just READ they would LEARN. Kinda like what I found out in school. If I paid attention to the teacher, i learned and got good grades. meh. I will be prepared in the future.

I'm going to buy a bike light today. I'll see if I can find a universal tool so i can make adjustments on my bike in the future. I don't really need them now, but I know I will in the future.

Oh, and I hope you got my letter in time for fast and testimony meeting... I hope it wasn't weird or anything. I need to testify more and story tell less. I'll be more diligent next month ^_^

I love you guys!
-Elder TaylorRhodes

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