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October 26, 2010

Семейство!!! Hope you're all doing fine and well. We got moved into our new apartment. It's so nice! My companion tells me that "if your mother would approve of your apartment, it's not missionary worthy... My mother would definitely approve." lol. It's way nice! I would prefer a bigger washer and dryer if it were my Own home, but I'm a missionary so that doesn't matter. Better than hand washing clothes I guess.

As of today I have successfully survived One entire transfer! Technically 2 if you count the MTC.. Gettin' better each day. I love it. We finally found someone we've got committed to baptism. Makes me so excited!

One of the members of the ward here just got a new truck... it's a Ford 250, v10. it's pretty nice truck! Even if it is a Ford.

I think I'm going to by a flash drive here pretty soon to put files on. Not that I have anything critically important or anything, but that way I can keep select picture with my always ^_^

Not much else goin' on. One of my room mates got transferred out, so I took his queen size mattress since it's better than mine. My bed sheets don't fit, so I supposed if I get a mattress topper I'll switch back since I like the twin size, and my bed sheets Razz

Oh! I burned my hand on the stove the other day... Our new apartment has foil on the stove drip pans, but one of my room mates didn't know that's what your supposed to do if you want to keep them clean, and he took the foil off one of them. Why only one I don't know.. So I went to put foil back on it before i cooked me some ramen noodles, but someone had just turned it on to cook something else. I didn't realize this and grabbed it... it was pretty frightening. I soaked my hand in ice water for a good hour(i fell asleep at the table with my hand in a bowl), then took a painfnap on the couch while I waited for the throbbing to go away. I have a gnarly swirl on my hand I'd rather not take a picture of to remember, but it's not too bad now. ^_^

Just kinda coasting along now. Continuing learning more each awesome day! I hope everyone is doing fine at home and in the Justin ward! I pray for you all every day!
-Your Missionary,
-Elder Taylor Rhodes

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