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October 18, 2010

Here is another older letter from Tay! I miss him, but I am seriously proud of him. He is so amazing. His letters are something I always look forward to on Monday's!
I'm doing better now. I had an abscess under one of my left bottom molers.. something about a nerve got irritated when i had that filling put in, and it's been slowly dying since, until now when it finally started to swell and puff up. crazy stuff. I got a root canal and some happy pills, so I'm better now ^_^ I have another appointment this Thursday and he'll finish it up. I still don't like my mouth being numb.. makes it hard to eat food. I have found wonder in sleeping pills though. I have the worst mattress in the apartment and I'm just never comfortable. with sleeping pills, I'm still uncomfortable, but at least i can sleep through it Razz sounds kinda bad..

I love my new bike. It's so weird, something about being a missionary-we thrive for tie varieties and we love a good bike as much as we do 'golden' investigators or feeling the spirit as we teach. lol.

funny story. It came down to needing a bike asap, so I went into bank of america to get a temporary debit card. well something happened and in the process of trying to assign me a temp card the lady had to cancel the one you sent me in the mail. something about the state the cards are issued in, ie. texas cards can't be distributed from a Florida banking office. so in the end the card you sent be doesn't work.. the lady did however set a new card to be over nighted to me. It got here this past Friday morning from FedEx. about 10 minutes later, the mailman came with the box you guys sent me with my debit card in it... in the end she still wasn't able to get me a debit card, so i went to the counter and pulled out enough money from my account to get a bike, which i now realize... maybe I should have done that in the first place...

Now I have to go back to bank of America and get my pin number fixed, because the ATM wasn't accepting it. so I have my debit card!!, but I can't use it yet... doh!

the ward here will be coming to our apartment this Saturday to help us move. We're going from old run down apartments, to a super nice condo. quite a change! A ward member owns it but hasn't' been able to sell it for the price they want yet, so the mission is taking over their payments. It's on the second or third story, which means we'll have to carry our bikes up a few flights of stairs everyday, but at least we have a good view out our windows Razz They're also wanting us to keep our bikes outside... but we'd rather them in, so we're gonna buy some of those plastics painting floor covers to put down to protect the floor and walls, that should be ok. The only thing the mission will have to worry about is future missionaries put into this apartment. There are some strange little boys out here, lemme tell ya.

Love you lots family! I hope you're all doing ok.
-Elder Rhdoes

p.s. Notice the my right cheek in the photo i attached... that's the wonderful swelling that kept me from sleeping 2 nights in a row.

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