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Close Call

hello family! thank you for the ipod! it's so awesome!!! It shall be put to good use for sure. I can't believe how they make these things. they're so flawless and no other company can seem to compete with apple. crazy.

well it's been a good week. still doing out best. My leaders are telling my companion and I that we're showing the most progress in our area numbers wise. which confuses me because everyone else has a car, and we're on bike... I think all the other missionaries are taking naps in their gnat free air conditioned cars.... haha.

I almost saw my companion get wiped out by a bus a few days ago.... it was freaky. We were biking down a sidewalk on a major road, and came to a cross street that had a curb on both sides(if my explanations make any sense.. i could draw a picture and send it to you Razz), and I didn't feel like jumping my bike up the curb, so i went into a parking lot with hopes it had an outlet to the sidewalk, but it has low hanging cable surrounding the lot. i found a small opening i could walk my bike through, luckily enough. My companion wanted to try to jump over the wire with his bike..... I yelled for him to wait so I could pull out my camera and video tape it, but he started going too soon. I figured he wouldn't do it anyway because he would really hurt himself if he messed up, and it was a busy street on the other side. but he kept going and hopped the wire. cleared it really good. as I turned my head to follow him, i saw a giant bus from the corner of my eye and felt a cool chill run through my body as I realized what was about to happen. I could literally see myself on a plane ride back home after being forcefully sent home because my companion was killed by a bus....

BUT, luckily the holy ghost is real, and he was able to hit hte brakes and stop just in time to be just far enough away from the bus so it didn't hit him. I don't know how else he would have stopped in that short a distance. he was moving really fast, and it was no more than 10 feet from the wire to the edge of the lane the bus was in.

I witness a miracle. when I yelled "hold on!" he thought i was saying "come on!" as if I had checked for cars and it was all clear. the mis-communication was almost fatal... needless to say we're communicating a lot more now to watch out for the safety of one another, and we're both striving to listen for the promptings of the holy ghost to give the silent "hold on!!!"

On another note, a less active member who we've been helping repair his house(who should be coming back to church soon since his house is pretty much done), has a legit soda machine he's had for a long time that he said he'll give us if we want it. so in other words, we're going to be getting a soda machine in our apartment soon... I only have to rewire it so you don't need quarters to get a soda. shouldn't be too hard! Very Happy

Hope everything is going good at home! Hope to hear from you all soon!
Thank you for your prayers, i pray for you all too.

Elder Taylor Rhodes

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