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October 11, 2010

This is a letter Tay sent me in respose to one I sent him! I said that I was sending him a package with a present. One of them was a song that I re wrote the words to and recorded my husband sining it. Taylor is much better at synthisizing music than I am. I KNEW he could have done it better, but I wanted to keep it a suprise so I didn't tell him in the letter I sent him! Also... Jemma is his crazy cat that I love/hate. I'm allergic to cats, but she is pretty awesome. Mom REALLY wanted my husband hunter too... get rid of her... after Tay left. My hubby isn't a cat fan either, but I don't worry! He wouldn't do something like that! (I think...) I also said something about typing fast because I had to tinkle. And asked about a picture of Christ he had on his wall at home. It had the words BE A MAN under it. I like it. I wanted to know if I could send him a fancier one for on his mission. Also, this is a combo of 2 emails. The one he sent me in reply and the one he sent the fam! Anyway, enjoy Tay's letter(s)!

LOL. Hooray! Hope you send it quick! We're moving apartments Octobter 20th, this one's pretty run down. and don't tell mom this either, it's been getting bad here... We've had our door kicked in, people get arrested or shot outside our apartment every so often. It's been scary. BUT! Everyone just found out we're moving, and they're all sad now. Which is crazy. People I've never even seen before will walk into the laundromat to do their clothes and tell us how sad they are we're leaving... maybe if they were more righteous we'd stay longer. lol.

I can't wait to see what it is!! The Kruegers from Justin, TX sent me a box full of candy. I was quite suprised. I drew a picture of a monkey missionary and sent it to their little girl named hannah, because she drew me a picture of a missionary before I left. Apparently they all liked it, because i got a box full of delicious cavities! Razz

wait... you said it's nothing compared to what I could have done to it... IT?.... what is IT.. now i'm kind of scared...... What have you done to Jemma?!?!? lol jk. love you!

You should tell the story to the kids about Ammon in Alma 27 where he's so happy to see his brothers after his mission that he faints, and have Scott act it out for them Razz lol. It's so funny to think about that one in my head. I picture this huge musclely tan guy with muscles bulging out his ripped camel hide shirt screaming at the top of his lungs, then passing out.. haha.

And to solve your tinkle problem, you can save the email, tinkle, then come back and resume typing Razz You can send me what ever.. I still have room in my suit cases for lots of stuff, and i'll probably be leaving behind a lot of things that i don't need what I fly home. I'll be getting a large tote box from walmart soon so I can travel with more of my junk when i go around.

I've attached a picture of my planner for you to see. I need cool pictures to put on future planners! And maybe just pictures of family in general. dunno. doesn't really matter I guess.

That BE A MAN thing was given to me by on of my favorite young mens teachers in the Justin ward. He gave each of the preists one and told us to put it right by our door, so as we left each morning we would be reminded to the man god wants us to be. Sadly I think I'm the only one that did it.. but I like weird stuff like that Razz Like my Jesus picture used to be on the wall where my feet face at my bed. so when someone woke me up in the morning and I'd look toward my door it would be the first thing I'd see ^_^ If you made me an 8x10 I would totally take it with me! Right now all i've got is a cut out of MormonTimes newspaper on luke 22:42. It's a really good one though. I think it's like, Deep Doctorine of the Day or something with mormonTimes. It's about how christ asks God's if there's any other way, and goes in to explain how this shows that christ knew how incredibly painful the atonement would be, and wasn't doubting god, but asking still if there were another way. And the significance of this scripture, is when in any other record of time we have, has a god questioned the action of another deity, or something like that. It puts and amazing perspective on how much christ suffered. Strong as he was, he knew it would still be incomprehensibly painful his task was going to be.

We'll be moving October 23rdish, but after the 25th we wont have access to our old mail box anymore. i'll be going to the post office to fill out a forward address slip as soon as we get our new mail box key.

crazy stuff.

Oh! I need my debit card soon too. I need to get a bike. Before we got here, the missionaries who had our car last were rear ended. We took the car in monday (october 5th), and so we don't have it right now.. I was able to borrow a bike from a member for the next week or so, but it's kinda of not the best for long distances. It's a walmart bike and is actually quite painful to ride. My legs have been hurting fro 5 days lol. and it's not Just that i'm out of shape! Elder Fetty (from the other companionship in our apartment) and his companion came with us to help a member move, and he let me borrow his bike. He was dying too, while I was a little Too comfortable on his. So we have successfully ruled my weakness out of the equation. The bike I have just stinks, and it would be amazing if I could get another Very Happy I already found one I'd like, and while I still think 350 is dang expensive, everyone thinks to think it's stinkin cheap for a good bike... so i'm thinkin, just sell my bike at home, or w/e and at the end of my mission i'll either bring this one home or resell it. I do really like it. It's a Trek 3 Series, and it's even orange! hooray. so If possible, could I get like 500 on my debit card? for the bike, helmet, a new seat, and Maybe a few small tools so I can keep it easily maintained. I dunno. tell me what you think.

Love you guys! I'm still doing good here! It's been cooling off a little bit, but still feels like texas weather to me. Elder Sears is doin good too. We email eachother every week :p He's leaving the MTC for paraguay on the 20th of this month. I'm so excited for him Razz

Tell people to keep writing me Razz It's way fun to get letters! lol. I'll write anyone that writes me Very Happy love you guys!
-Elder Rhodes

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