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October 4, 2010

Hola Familia! Realmente no sabe a español. Acabo de recibí un correo electrónico de Elder Hughes y tenía que usar para leer algunos de su correo electrónico. Así que ya lo tenía abrir todavía, me sentí como enviarle un mensaje en español demasiado!! Very Happy ¡¡¡¡Te quiero!!!!

Isn't Conference great?!?! I saw Elder Sears singing in the choir in priesthood session Razz but I'm sure you've heard about that already... We took our car in today to get fixed. The missionaries who had it last got rear ended. So far, I don't have a bike to replace it yet, so I'm gonna be walking pretty far to spread the gospel. I'm getting better each day at being a missionary. I love it! I'm learning so much about the gospel. I'm kind of kicking myself in the booty for not studying more before I came out. By the end of each month, missionaries typically are out of money on their mission debit cards. As soon as we got more money on our cards this October, we all went to a Chinese Buffet... Now I understand why they have no money. lol. I'll stick with PBJ sammiches. They're all baffled that I use so much peanut butter. I dunno why, i like the gross feeling of peanut butter sticking to my spine Razz It just feels so good when it finally goes away. haha. I'm getting a little better at playing the piano too. We have a little electric one in our apartment that's constantly being used. The family that donated it didn't have a power cord though, so we just pretend we can hear music coming from it ^_^ haha no I'm just kidding! We have batteries for it and it works just fine. Makes me wish I had my box of cables. I know i have one in there that would work on this piano. hahahaha. I'm tempted to send you guys some Missionary Planners so you can decorate them for me Razz It's like, the fad out here. Every missionary puts pictures on their planners than laminates it with clear packing tape. It's pretty nifty. I hope you guys are saving my letters. Especially my ones explaining which pictures on my memory card are about. Razz If I receive enough letters from home I'll mail them back home for safe keeping.

OH! I they have general conference on the church website already! have some pictures of elder sears Razz

well i gotta go. Love you all!!
-Your Missionary
-Elder Rhodes

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I have to say I'm not drawn to the LDS faith, or any other for that matter, but it is interesting reading the posts here from a perspective of the people who sometimes knock on my door. Nice one Smile
watersoul on Thu Feb 24, 2011 10:50 pm

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