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September 27, 2010

Another older letter to keep you entertained! It's kinda fun going back a few months and reading these again.

Hey Family!

I can't believe I've already been gone a full month now. I'm still not sure if it's going by slowly, or fast.. seems more like both; it is going fast, but when my strength fails me for even a moment i consider how much time is left and i feel distraught. Only for a moment though. I'm doing my best to tell myself that it's a good thing i have so much time left still. I'd rather have a lot of time left and feel like i have a lot to do, than have little time left and wish i had done more in the past. Which is more or less how I felt with my homeschooling. I should have done so much more. I had all the time in the world, everyday, all day, through the night if I chose, and I wasted it all. I will do my very best not to waste my time here. But use it as the Lords time. Which, in perspective, is extremely short. Which means I have a lot I need to do. If I've failed in the past, I am where I am now aren't I? Which means I ultimately have not failed, but have succeeded.

If/When you guys send me stuff, send it USPS only. Ignore what I said about what size it was before. If it's USPS I'll get it one way or another. Fedex or UPS and it'll get stolen from my door step. My complex scares me a little bit. but at least the washer and dryers are free!

Feel free to send me candy and stuff Razz Or.... to save on posting: When you go to the store and see what you want to send me(from walmart), have mom and dad put that money on my debit card and I'll buy it here on P-day. Great idea huh?! Razz Oh, but I do need some more cool ties... I've been wearing about the same 3-4 over and over. The rest are questionable in comparison to my companions...

AH! and I may need some good inspirational music Razz Like Motab.. and the hercules sound track... yeah.

oh! And update my facebook with my address please, incase anyone wants to write me.

I hope everything is going well for you all. And that the computer keep working Razz I pray about it every night.

Love you all!
-Your missionary
--Elder Taylor Thomas Rhodes

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