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Letter After His Birthday

shoot, I'm 21 now...

beena fun week. I had my first baptism yesterday! His name is Alex. His dad hasn't been to church in over 30 years, and had a prompting to come back with the feeling that it would fix his life; and so far it has. They're such smart people too. Alex as read the the book of Mormon all the way through, is almost done with the new testament, and is going to seminary learning in D&C. he can remember scripture references and cross references and talks he reads online. He's going to be a great missionary someday!!!

oh, I also need to tell you about a car wreck I got in in November. I was told by missionaries to not tell you, but then the office got mad at me for not telling you, so here to go. Pictures included!! Very Happy

Transfer calls are this Saturday. I'll let you know next Monday if I'm leaving or not. I hope I'm staying...

I also bent my bike rim trying to go over a curb. it was narly. I found a spare tire in one of our apartments though, so I stole the rim off of that one and put it on mine. It was a long difficult 3 hour process to adjust the spokes so my tire was straight. but I did it! I'm going to be a bike mechanic expert when I get home! Another missionary got his bike for cheap from a missionary that was going home, and it has all kinds of problems. I fixed his gear switcher so it actually works, and adjusted everything so he can finally switch gears again. THEN! we had a clothes dryer that went out, and has been out for about 6 months. It was out when I got here. I finally got it all taken apart to the point I could inspect every part, found the problem, did some rewiring, and now our dryer works again. As a reward a missionary made me some french toast, and it was gooood!

Just call me Elder Handyman Very Happy

Love you!

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