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Happy Birthday TayTay!

Today is TayTay's birthday and since I sent his package late I am here to tell the world that he is amazing! If you haven't read "his" other recent posts, Tay is on a mission for our church for 2 years and doesn't have the ability to post here. So, since I am the most amazing sister in the whole wide world, I am keeping up his points for him.

Since Tay can't write and tell you that it is his birthday I am here to do so. IT IS HIS BIRTHDAY!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAYLOR!!!

There I did it. Also here is a list of things I love about Tay to keep you tied over until you can read the email he sends his family every moday!

1. He is my favorite brother. (I only have one so... I guess that makes him my least favorite too.. Hmm..)

2. He is annoyingly good with fixing computers. (Is it still a nice thing if I add annoying in the sentence?)

3. He really is a Stud Muffin!

4. He is a great uncle. All his nieces and nephews love him! (Well... technically 1 neice has no clue who he is because she was born after he left, is 2 months old, and really has no opinion, but... he is pretty awesome so I'm counting her anyways)

5. He has some amazing pizza cooking skills! (Pulls them out of the freezer, puts them on the pizza cooker and presses go. WOW!)

6. He is nice to animals. He used to work at a factory that had cats to keep the mice down. One momma kitty got hit by a delivery truck so he brought the 4 babies home to take care of. (Of course... I am allergic and he then left for 2 weeks for camp and I had to take care of them. But it was still sweet.)

7. He has a testimony of the LDS church. Not many will give 2 years of their life away from family and friends to teach something they truly love and NOT get paid for it. Let alone do this at the age of 20! (Well... 21 now.)

8. He introduced me to Avatar. NOT the blue people movie. The nickelodeon cartoon. It's awesome! My life has never been the same since.

9. He has a strange taste in music, but every now and then he finds some REALLY awesome stuff! (I like the awesome music, not so much the weird.)

10. He is funny. If you have read some of his original post you will know this. I can't explain it. Our family is pretty sarcastic and silly, but Tay is the best! Farts and all! (Although... I could do without the farts on road trips. Seriously, he might kill me one day.)

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Happy B-Day Taylor! This is Austin!

shadowozera on Sun Feb 20, 2011 3:34 am
O also, if i could "like" this, i would.

"He introduced me to Avatar. NOT the blue people movie. The nickelodeon cartoon. It's awesome! My life has never been the same since. "

O, and if you could, could you get me an address so i could mail him a letter?
shadowozera on Sun Feb 20, 2011 3:37 am
Happy Birthday, Taylor!
Jess, nice post!
standready on Mon Feb 21, 2011 1:52 am

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