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September 20, 2010

Here is the 2nd letter I got from TayTay while he is on his mission. This is the first one he sent right after leaving the training center. Remember that at this point he had only been out for about a month. he will be there for 2 years. Our sister is pregnant (thus the fatty comment below!) And Marina is another sister that is just younger than TayTay. It's amazing what he is missing out on to support what he believes. If you have any more questions please visit

HEY family! I hope everyone is doing ok. Dran I hope so see some awesome fatty pictures of you soon! while driving around in the mission car we past an advertisement for Posterity Pictures. Marina, be safe with your car! lol. Thanks mom for keeping my blog and stuff up to date ^_^ One less thing to worry about worrying about is extremely helpful.

Yeah! If you send any extremely large packages... like, 2feetx2feet, send them to the mission office.

Just be mindful that food sent to the mission office may not last long enough for me to get it. The new mission presient changed thing so we now have Zone conferences every 3 months. So every 3 months i'll get whatever mail sent to the mission office that's in my name.

Times going by pretty quick already. When i do the math it does make it seem like a short time I'm here. Kind of scary, but hope giving at the same time. lol. I'm learning so much. I love it. My companions name is Elder Taylor, and he's from Taylorsville, Utah. And I'm Taylor Rhodes from Rhome, Texas. =P I thought it was funny. Makes it very confusing sometimes though. A lot of missionaries only say elders last names like "Smith!" instead of "Elder Smith!" So everytime people yell Taylor i get all confused why people i don't know are yelling at me.

I'm doing my best to learn so i can teach others and help them realize that this gospel will being happiness and order to their lives. It's really hard when people don't have cars though. So far the only people willing to Really listen, don't have cars. I think they're humbled becuase they're stuck at home all day every day. which isn't bad, but if we get them to come to chuch members will be driving them every single sunday until they can get a car a job and money to support themselves... This is gonna be a hard mission. Not to mention we have No one to teach and don't know anyone.

My companion and I were white-washed into the area, and the elders that were here previously didn't do a good job keeping track of those they taught. Quite a few records of doors they tracted and the persons response was "I'm no interested"... Why make a Teaching record if you didn't teach and they didn't listen?! It's crazy. I am glad I have a car though.. The companionship sharing the apartment with us are on bikes, and 4 sister missionaries were transfered to the University of Florida Campus, and dont' have bikes Or a car. They aren't very happy right now... and when the sisters aren't happy, no one seems to be happy. lol. maybe that's why sisters only serve 18 months.......

Went shopping today! Forgot my mission debit card... My comp was nice enough to pay for me though. next week i just have to buy his stuff.. Razz Being here i've notice I have a drawl. or h/e you spell it. an Accent. Which is more prominent when i'm talking to someone else with an accent. lol.

And one thing will never change about me(companionship wise), i dislike people who think they know everything who are intentive on teaching me what i'm doing wrong according to their standard, and me being extremely sarcastic and in opposision to what they're saying as if I think there's nothing wrong with it.... when i type it out like that is sounds bad... kinda like that, but not. This elder in our apartment keeps trying to correct my gramar when i purposly talk with a southern drawl. And it the laundry room there's a sign on the wall that says "If it don't belong to you, Don't take it", and he was upset that they put Don't Belong isntead of Doesn't Belong. I was very enthusiatic that it Was spelled correctly and he had it wrong... lol. just dumb little things like that. that don't matter about Anything important, but he feels like he was to point every single one of them out.

well i'm sure they're all ready to leave the library. I'm not actually sure where they are... i should go look. lol. Bye love you!

Your Missionary,
Elder Rhodes

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