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September 7, 2010

HEY! Thought I would post the first letter I got from Taylor while he was on his mission! It has been so fun to watch him grow. This letter is especially interesting because he talks about FriHost! You will be happy to know that he hasn't hacked through... lol. But... he did get an email about his site possibly being shut down which is why I'm helping to post now!

He JUST let about 2 weeks before for the MTC (Mission Training Center) when he wrote this. Missionaries from our church go there before heading out into the "Mission Field". Here they get a crash course in what their schedule will be like and how the mission runs. Yes... they technically already know about their religion and obviously believe or they wouldn't be giving up 2 years to go some random location away from normal life at the age of 19-21! But... when you are to teach... it's good to know HOW to teach. Does that make sense? Honestly, if you have questions just go to

HEY family! So I just sent a letter to Mom,Dad and Marina, but forgot to include my travel itinerary. Oh well, i can type it here now! I'm in the laundry room now. It's so hectic, all the time! They need more washing machines. even like, 10 more would do wonders. I Dunno where they would put them, but they need them!

Dran, tell brett they no longer have fire hoses in in the dorms...

I'm so happy I'm here! I was ready to leave to florida last monday though. We got a new teacher, sister Payne, who i swear, got sent to our district to best teach to our needs. When we first got here the teachers were getting schedule changes because of college starting. So the first 2 we had got switched. Our new ones are even better than the last ones!!! For real!

I'm learning so much, and having so much fun. It's only been like 2 weeks, but the days are already blurring together. here are least. I'll have to readjust when i get to florida.

I heard of this website called where you can send elders letters and food and stuff while they're in the MTC. YOu guys have to send me brownines!!!!!! I want some!! Some other elder on my floor got some a few days ago and they were good... now i want more. lol

I love you guys! I hope you're keeping up on my website for me... I haven't dared hack through their systems here. they keep an eagle eye on things. but oh well, EXACT obedience right! As long as my site is still alive when i get to florida, i'll talk to my mission president about posting to the forum every so often. Not that it's important in an eternal perspective, but I've worked hard hon it you know... would just make me happy to still have it when i get back. Well i gtg. They have these computers locked down a little too much if you ask me. They freeze a lot and like to type double letters. (Example: HHeeyy mmmoomm!! hhooww aarree yyoouu??!!??!!) It likes to do that... These guys don't knoow how to program. Seriously. There's something here called the TE(Teaching Evaluatioonn) which you sign up on the computer to go at different times to teach to a teacher whatt ever you wanna practice, EiIE First lesson, street contacting (Which i'm pretty good at actually) and stuff like that. Buyt it's been offline just about every day we've been here, and no ones been abole to sign up. Well gtg now! It's being really dumb aanndd ii'' just can't handle it anymroe! Stupid computer!! GAH!

Love you!!!

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