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The Beginning

So I've been out here on a mission trip for almost six months now. It's been going by pretty fast too. I'm not sure if I shouod be excitied or worried about that but I am worried more than anyhting. I just don't want it to end. The past six months have gone by so fast, each day seems long until the end, and the end of my mission trip seems like it will never come. Crazy how time works. I ahve noticed though, the less I think about it, the faster each day goes, and the more focused on the Lords work I am.
I've been learning a lot out here. I almost want to say I've learned more that I've taught. It kind of makes me upset at myself I didn't study the gospel more at home. I'm leaning so many cool things! For instance: Jesus Christ walked over sixty miles to get baptized by John the Baptist... I didn't know that! But it took studying all for gospel books and comparing maps to figure that out. Gives me more of a thrive to have the map out while I'm reading so I can follow Jesus around from place to place (haha).
To those who don't know my faith, or have incorrect idea's of it based on 'here-say' stories, I can see why people would be confused to hear I am serving a mission trip in Georgia, USA. It all comes down to my purpose in my "work": to invite others to come unto christ. Anyone and everyone can come closer to Christ. Pastors, preachers, deacons, teachers, bus drivers, lawyers, walmart clerks; People in general is what 'others' entails. Why would I do this? look at the confusion in the world. In America alone there are 38,000 different christian denominations. Just about every church teaches from the bible, as does the one I belong to. But so many of these church's teach so differently. It's all about how things are interpreted. In the past, from the biblical records we have, we can see how God had prophets on the earth, right? now, when these prophets taught from God, was there confusion among the 'saints'? no. I't snot supposed to be confusing. That's why God had prophets here in the first place. Without those prophets, people don't have proper direction from God, so they start making things up to the best of their knowledge. This is where misinterpretation comes in, and prophets come in handy. For instance: between Exodus Chapters 19-31, Moses (a prophet) was on a mount getting revelation from God. For however short or long a period of time he was there, his people went astray (Exodus 32:1-7) because they didn't have that prophet. Imagine after Jesus Christ was resurrected and ascended into Heaven, and when his apostles were later killed. NO prophets, the word went crazy. In 1820, when the time was right and the world was ready again, God called another prophet to restore truth to the world. But, not many people know this. That's why i'm on this mission. to bring the full truth to these people.
I've got to conclude here, so if you're curious to learn more in the mean time before my next post, try checking out [URL][/URL]. God created the internet for this website (haha... but seriously Razz)

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