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Search for missing student called off

Search for missing student called off
By Catherine Threlkeld

Contributing Writer

Published: Friday, December 3, 2010

Updated: Friday, December 3, 2010 00:12

James de Brueys
The Coast Guard has called off the search for LSU alumnus and Chimes Restaurant employee James de Brueys, according to his sister Simone.

James de Brueys was lost in the Pacific Ocean on Nov. 25, and Coast Guard officials had said Wednesday they were still searching for him. But a post on James de Brueys' Facebook page by Steven de Brueys, James' brother, said the Coast Guard had called off the search.

"We are doing everything within our power to convince them otherwise by going through Bobby Jindal and Mary [Landrieu]," the post says. "They have found the pregnant woman's body but were not able to retrieve the body, because the Australian Navy had to go back for another assignment. Just pray that we can convince the Navy and Coastguard to continue to search for my brother."

Simone de Brueys said in a text message to The Daily Reveille late Thursday night the Coast Guard said they found the body of a pregnant woman and a teenage boy, but not the bodies of her brother or his host father. She said the Coast Guard said "it's impossible for them to be alive," and they would continue to search today, but that was all they could do.

She said the Coast Guard told them Thursday morning they were calling off the search, but she said "we were just hoping they would find him today."

The Facebook group, called "Bring James Home!" says it is a "support group of sorts" that also lets people know how they can help the de Brueys family during this time.

The group has planned an event for Dec. 10 to raise money for the family. T-shirts, manufactured by Storyville Tee Shirts, are also being sold in honor of James de Brueys.

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