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Saving kitties

The Summer We Rescued 4 Baby Kittens

All summer my brother Taylor had worked at Texas Refinery Corporation in the stock yards. While working there he took care of a mother cat that had just had her four healthy baby kittens. Soon after she gave birth to her precious litter the mama cat, weak and delirious from having her kittens wandered into the middle of the street. Cars rushing passed her swerved around determined not to hit the mother cat! She rushed to get out of the way of the dangerous traffic when one cherry red volts wagon beetle failed to see her. The mother cat was soon taken from this world and all that she loved. Mama cat was made into a perfectly flattened pancake in the middle of the road by that careless maniac…a lonely tail waving in the breeze. The new born kittens had no way to care for themselves in order to survive.

When my brother realized the mother cat had been killed he rushed to her kittens side in hope of being their guardian angel. Knowing the other workers wanted to just put the kittens in the dumpster; he gently put all four of them into a box with a towel and took them home hoping to save them. My mother was not too happy about the little surprises but yet could not turn them away. We were not sure how our over weight chocolate Labrador would treat these new babies. But he warmed up to the little sweethearts fast and was soon acting like their mother. We quickly called the vet once my brother got home from work and rushed to Petco to get all the materials needed to save the four baby kittens lives. Not knowing what we had gotten ourselves into, we filled our basket full of kitten supplies. We bought a green blow-up kiddy pool for all the kittens to sleep in and poop in.

The kittens were only days old and did not know how to use the litter box yet. The newborns didn’t even have their eyes open. They would poop all over themselves; we had to scrub them down by hand daily in the sink to get the entire liquid kitty poop off. They would whine during the bath and rapidly scratch at our skin trying to break free from the mean warm water. Some of the kittens got sick from not drinking their mothers milk and started to poop bloody poop all over. We quickly called the vet and get directions on what to do to care for the poor baby kittens.
My oldest sister was in town with her two toddlers, who were of great use in this time of kitten rescue; even though when they picked them up they squeezed the living day lights out of them. The active kittens would meow constantly when they were hungry and they were hungry a lot. We had to feed them every three to four hours, so we took turns waking up at night to feed them. The four kittens grew fast and within a week they were using a litter box. After another week they could drink their baby kitty formula from a small dish.

Soon enough a bond had grown between my family and the four baby kittens. We named them Krull the Warrior King, Krunk, Ezma, and Princess Sophia! They were brave little fighters and all pulled through after the death of their loving mother. We wanted to keep them all but knew we couldn’t, so my brother pled with his friends, who came to the rescue. We gave three of the four kittens away to loving homes. But kept one who we renamed to Jemma, we still have her today and she is as active as ever, but as plump as ever too. Jemma is loved very much and will always be loved even when she wakes up from her daily naps and goes into crazy cat mode. Or mysteriously sits RIGHT on whatever we are doing, be it laundry, or reports. She sits on it. We loved all the kittens and even though we could not save their mothers life, we saved four other lives that summer.

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