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last gaming party

Had my last lan party i'll have for at least the next 2 years. And it was awesome ^_^ I love my friends FioS. I wish I had FioS.. Or cable. My brother in law has cable and it's got nice upload speeds, which is what i like more than JUST fast downloads. The only problem i have with my friends house is his parents method of saving energy. We live in Texas, and it gets very hot here. During the day they will run the A/C at 74 all day long. At about 11 at night, they turn it completely off. It's miserable! and stupid. They would save more money leaving it at 80 during the day, and 74 during the night. it's easier to keep a house cool at night when the suns down. I question his parents mentality sometimes. Well, mostly his moms. His dad is alright. Eh, w/e.

So a good gaming party. Got some fun games of Starcraft 2 in, and some of Heroes of Newerth. I'm really upset that S2 Games isn't advertising Heroes of Newerth very well. And by that, i mean not at all.. Leage of Legends, their competing game, it sucks! Horrid graphics, slow game play, purchasing is a rip off and it's monthly fee based. Where as HoN has great graphics, better gameplay, the characters are balanced better, and it's one time pay. Buy your account for 30 Bucks and it's yours forever. Additionally Ingame Voip has Great quality, if your computer crashes or you have network problems and get disconnected, you have 5minutes to log back in during which time you can reconnect to the game. It's just overall wonderful! The two games come from the same background history. They both came from Defense of the Ancients(DotA) from Warcraft III. But why would ANYONE play League of Legends(LoL) over Heroes of Newerth(HoN)?!? It's ridiculous. Side by side compare the two and HoN is remarkably better. But I'll tell you the one and only reason LoL is doing better in sales: Advertising. the new gay makers of LoL have done a crap ton of advertising, where as a more experienced game maker (S2), that has had more resources to begin with, has done, NONE. Losers. I love the game, they just need to advertise more. People will actually save money by playing HoN instead of LoL, Just because HoN is Buy-it-once, and LoL is monthly pay.

I Still don't get how anyone could be dumb enough to pay monthly for a stupid game. I can't even imagine the people that have been playing WoW all these years from the start. It's what, 30-60 bucks a month depending on your account and what not? play it for one year and thats $360-$720 you'll never get back for a simple GAME!!! HoN? i've been playing for over a year, and have paid $30. Only $30. it's ridiculous.

People in this world are stupid. End of story

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Oh gaming.. i would love if we talk about warcraft and dota map in that.. its a good game.. any dota players here... mail me if der r any...
barani_sachin on Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:25 am

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