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Chillin in Idaho

So I'm up here in Idaho, chillin' with the fam. It's kinda nice to get away and relax a little. I miss my Texas though. Nothin' beats home. I just can't wait to go on my mission either! I wish I were there right now. The most I have to do before I got is write down a few basic guidelines for my family to keep the computers running while I'm gone Razz it shouldn't be that hard... Mostly I'll need them to keep my blog updated for me, sent me my messages from people on facebook, poke people for me (>Very Happy) and put my pictures i send up onto facebook. Simple enough I think. The hardest part will be getting someone to keep my website account active. Which isn't hard either, but it's easy to forget about. It would be nice to keep my website up while I'm gone, so all my projects are right here when I get back. Of course I will be making a backup of all my files, in the event that everything is somehow lost, destroyed or deleted. I truly think I will buy an external hard drive to fit all my files, then lock it up with the rest of my stuff in storage. Very Happy

It'll be so cool to build a computer when I get back! Technology has been booming so fast just the past few years that I've been paying extremely close attention. Stuff will be so advanced when I get back! It gives me chills. Then I just have to make due with saving up 1.5k for a nice system, then continue to save at least 10k for the true system I want! I can upgrade piece by piece from there as things get better. Much cheaper to do it that way ^_^

I'm looking forward to having my own house one day too. I can only imagine the awesome things I can cram inside one! And in 2 years there's going to (A)Be better bigger and cooler things, and (B)The stuff I want today, will be much cheaper when I get home. Then I will mostly have to work on power saving features and technology to keep my house less expensive, and protective measures to keep people from stealing my stuff(I'm totally plotting to put metal drop down gates in every door and window way in the case the burglary alarm goes off. I will of course design my own safety systems in the even there's a fire or something.). And I REALLY wanna get bullet proof glass on all my cars, then give them the capability to be remotely shut off. maybe even driven, so I can pull them to the side of the road first. OH!, or drive them straight to a police depot! hahaha!

Ok i better go to bed now. It's WAY late, even here in Idaho, and I have to go for a jog in the morning ^_^

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