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Ya know it's just insane how fast time flies. One week i'm in school, the next i'm graduated, the next... well.. the next hasn't come yet. But either way Frih$ goes down so fast! When i'm having fun anyway. I can't believe how much time I've spent on frihost, making random scripts and hosting my clan site for the awesome game I play. I feel so empowered! If only I had my own server in my own closet with 10Gbit speed! Now that would be cool! But unconventional. While instant speed that fast would be cool, it's just not worth it yet. I would at least like 20Meg. That's what my brother in law has, and all he does is school work. It's pathetic. I have 5Meg, which yeah isn't bad, but my upload is .768Megs.... not even one whole meg. Thus is the restriction of DSL. If only I could get FIOS. But sadly, the company I have now is the ONLY one available in my neighborhood. If I moved 2 miles down the road I would have FIOS. Not fair!! There's a fiber line that goes down my entire street right in front of my house. If I took a shovel and dug down 6 feet I would find it under my sprinklers. Would it be so hard for verizon to come put a tap in for me?! I would seriously be willing to pay 3x what i'm paying now for it. Even if that's a bit of a rip off, on my end compared to others, that's how bad I want it. DSL is so unreliable. At peak hours I get 50ping and speeds sometimes drop to 4Meg. Which ya still isn't horrid. But that's ona speed test. While i'm gaming online, the faster speed and better ping is what really counts. Well, as well as jitter and packet loss, but i'm A on that most the time. Just saying it would be lovely to not have to worry. Upload speed is what I care about the most. It seriously shouldn't be that hard to get an even 5/5. All it is in their system is a click of a button. If I want faster speed,(.876/10meg) all i have to do is call them and pay an extra $10 a month. Not worth it for the upload speed. My dad runs his business from our house, which while he's just a doctor, i'm in charge of keeping our data saved off-site through Carbonite. .768 is not very fast to upload files constantly, while we're all playing games online. I would just like more, ya know?

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Yea my friend will love to play against insane.. and he will kill them all.. but he is a good player.. but still plays against comps.. dono when is gonna grow up..
barani_sachin on Tue Feb 15, 2011 11:26 am

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