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Lost my card

I left my SDHC card in my credit recovery class on Wednesday. Which really sucks because I not only had a few important files on there, but all the pictures from my digital camera I got for Christmas. I'm going to put up a 20 dollar reward for it. I want it back that bad. Anything personally confidential like passwords or anything is behind an encrypted and password protected file; which I did just in the case I lost it, it got stolen, or the school administrators took it away from me to search for anything illegal I might have done. Lol. Like I'd leave a trace of that! Let alone do it on a school issue computer.

I'm out a good 4Gb SD card though. A new one will be able 12 bucks. In which case I'll upgrade to the 16Gb for about 25, and create a log type program on my laptop for me to keep track of when and where I remove my SD card. Might help me realize when I've left it in a class room. I might as well get a 2gig card exclusively for my digital camera. I didn't mind switching my card between my camera, my desktop, my laptop and my netbook, or even just any of my computers, because it's a good way to keep my files consistent when I'm often behind firewalls that wont let typical file syncing programs work to remote locations. But my camera should have it's own card. I'll get a thumb drive too. That'll help when I'm simply switching files from my laptop to a friends laptop or school desktop. That way I don't have to remove my SD card from the netbook slot as often.

I'm just a bit paranoid. What if my passwords Weren't behind a password in Firefox... Although I am mostly positive they where.. If I notice anything strange going on I'll be able to quickly change things

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