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Visual Basic RUles

ok, so maybe there are other great computer languages too. is just the prominent one I'm learning right now Very Happy I'm not doin to bad. It's a lot easier since I've been coding PHP and MySQL on my own for the past few years. I must admit though, Working with databases in visual basic is much more difficult that I thought it would be. I think it's cool that I'm picking up on things faster than the rest of the class. This class in high school doesn't reach about using databases in our code at all! Which means the teacher is going to have me create a few projects for the class to learn what I'm doing.. I don't mind. When i teach others i learn more myself Very Happy I've already done a MouseOver project for them, showing how to change pictures on a windows form according to where the mouse is on the form, as well as which option is checked to be the default picture Very Happy It also taught them how to add pictures into the resources files, and how to properly delete files from the resources file. For some reason VB is a bit testy about this.

I've been workin' in the theater department after school building their sets. It's great fun, really! I also like that it's something I can do easily, and give so much use to other with my skills. Since I joined up with them I've pretty much taken charge of everything relating to tools, building, shop work, repairs and anything else around that category. Everyone seems to have Some sort of problem they really need help with that I have the solution to. It's strange really... I really don't want to sound conceded here, but how did they manage without me? The theater has had video jacks wired throughout the building that no one ever knew what to do with. I suggested putting a Camera in the Orchestra pit, with a live feed of the conductor, feeding to the band hall where we could have extra singers wired in for the Musical this spring. They all looked at me like it was the most brilliant thing they've ever heard! I'm just copying what professional theater does occasionally in their orchestra pits... Very Happy

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