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15 under! I"m horrible!

this seems to be an on going problem.. at least I'm doing good at keeping my site backed up incase they delete me again, lol. Although last time I made a post and I was under they deleted my host 5 minutes after, along with all my files.... *Creates and downloads backup just incase*... That would really suck, AGAIN!

Well I'm in Idaho right now. Visiting family. Interestingly enough the girl I'm currently dating is coming up here for college august the 8th. I get back the 2nd. It's a sad little perdicament, but life may go on. As long as she still goes to college. I don't want to be the reason she chooses to stay home. I'd feel bad.

So far, besides missing the girl I'm dating, the only part I dislike most about being up here is the internet is so slow.. At home I get download speeds of 600Kbytes+. Here I've maxed at 130Kbytes. I'm glad i'm not living here permenantly. It would be so expensive to get the speed I want.

One of my cousins has 2 motorcycles as well. He just got a bigger faster one, I was hoping to borrow his old one, with little hope, and not to my suprise he said no. Not that he's a mean guy, he just tends to be very possisive of his stuff. A few years ago we were playing paint ball, and after bragging about how much better his gun was than everyone elses he wouldn't let anyone even touch it. It was a stinkin walmart gun.. Shooting it once would not have hurt anything. I could say he's got problems. But then again I AM asking to borrow a motorcycle. QUite a bit bigger than a paint ball gun..

I'll previal somehow. But gah! My granparents have Internet explorer. It doe not like this text box i'm typing in. Stupid windows!!!

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