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again? man it's too easy to forget, and get behind in posts. Larr.

School's going great for me. I'm sure I'll be done with high school by the end of this summer. I'm so ready to be done now. The immaturity level is unbearable. Although most of it comes from the high school repeats... i guess it proves my statement of being ready to be done with high school. Sadly and honestly enough the biggest reason they are repeats, is they don't like to do their work. Babies, toughen up. You'll have to someday, because life only gets harder the older you are.

There was a twenty year old in my algebra 2 class who refused to do work because he "would fail anyway," so he was just going to do it in summer school. What kind of logic is that? Even if he did fail, if he at least tried it might help him get through the summer school class with less frustration. The sad part is he managed to get into the class with the easiest algebra 2 teacher. I love the teacher. Mr. Harbour is a great guy. He handles the class well, keeps the chatter among the delinquents quiet to silent most of the time, and he actually knows what he's teaching. If you don't get it, he'll help you with it. Above all that, he gives out most of the answers (if not all) to our homework. Although 'gives' isn't the appropriate word. He usually works the problems out step by step, while including the class in his progress. It's quite amazing really. More often than not, it's the class a (somewhat) evenly contributing whole that is solving the problem. It's quite tricky.

I've been doing more Google browsing on computer programming too. This stuff looks a lot harder than PHP... lol. of course I knew it would be. I just hope that i can learn what i desire to learn with as much ease and happy trekking as i have everything else I've learned thus far about computers. I sure hope I still have time to make some sort of difference in the world before we go into nuclear war and destroy the planet, or aliens kill us off or SOMETHING. dunno.


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