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i canst beleive what I've done!!

So for Christmas I built my parents a new "business computer" *cough cough*, so my sister and I can help do paper work for my mom as she helps my dad with his doctor stuff. All of it is here and I'm just working on getting it work properly. After all the rebates come back (if any come back) I'll have built a rather great computer for under for around 850 dollars (after purchasing windows for it). lets see what I've got

ACER 1680 x 1050 19" monitor (hi-res. the usual 19" res is 1400 x 900. Bigger is better!!)
Raidmaxx Smilodon (in other words a cool looking case with green leds and 4 fans included
500Watt PSU (came with tower)
Atapi DVD-burner
floppy slot memory card reader
750GB Hitachi driver
8GB of OCZ ram 1066 (four 2GB cards with heat sinks)
2.6 Quad Core AMD phenom (which I really love the sound of)
and an ATI Radeon HD 4850 1GB/MEM.

Overall I like the graphics card the best. Superior graphics is what I love the most. second is heat control, the case has came with 4 fans which keep it quite cool. there.s a slot for one more which I will fill with another 80mm fan shortly. the 3rd quality I'm in tune with is sound. Some computer systems are very loud, and I didn't want mine(er, my parents "business computer") that way. I was extremely excited to find an ATI 4850 card with no fans required. it has a unique heat sink venting system to keep the core cool. with the 4 fans going the temperature is around 60c, and under load I never saw it pass 75c. Which from reading around is not bad at all. Although I have seen some people talk about other graphics cards run at 40-50 idling and 50-70 under load. I'm hoping that adding another intake fan in this open slot on my case will bring it down a bit. if needed I'll order a PCI slot cooler to either suck IN air and blow on the card, dissipate from the card, or maybe make the air inside the case rumble around some more and make get sucked out somewhere. I don't quite know yet!!

what this blog post was ReAlLy supposed to be about though... I just purchased windows vista premium... Something I thought I would never do. under the odds and horrible things I've heard and experienced. blah! it's 64-bit version at least, so I'll be actually using all 8 gigs of my ram. If it doesn't do everything I'd like it to i might talk my dad into windows professional x64 to go along with it. I guess it really doesn't matter though. it's not the main concern of our software working between XP and Vista, as much as it is 32-bit and 64-bit. We shall see!!-that is-whether or not my personal experience with windows vista is as great as Microsoft kisses it up to be. I'm not expecting much going into this, lets see if vista can change my mind.

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I've personally found that Office 2007 looks best using my HD4870x2 Razz

Good job, I should try that work next time we have some money in the budget for me!
mathiaus on Sun Dec 28, 2008 1:39 am

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