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My old story translated to english

I've seen a lot, I've heard a lot. My life has been richer than many others, but I no longer want to live it. Know that this is a way to leave coward, but I believe that this is preferable. I hope that some day you will forgive me, and you will understand why I did it. I only have one request, Somebody get my dog ​​from the old bridge when it is all over. Treat it well.

Dressed in a black suit an old man fold the paper, put it in an envelope and put the shell in the middle living room table. The man poured a glass of whiskey on the table a white powder and mixed it thoroughly with a spoon. The man glanced around as if to see what you leave behind, and drank the glass blank. He rose from the brown leather and walked next to the wall where the old photos. The man took one photo off the wall and placed it in his pocket. He walked into the foyer, called his dog and stepped out without looking behind.

Foggy autumn morning, the old man was sitting under the bridge leaning against concrete bridge structures. The man was next to the dog that was lying on his side. "You're the only one that I find to convey" the old man said to his dog and hugged the dog last strength. The man was breathing heavily cold morning air. Sense, he was just a thought at that point it would be all over. He was leaning concrete bridge foundations and the tears flowed down his face. "Oh I wish we all could have gone differently." The dog was lying next to a man, knowing that the master should point out.

The man lifted his left hand on the leg and opened his palm. Palm of the hand was a photograph in which he was, a dog and his deceased wife. The man took photos, crying and breathing last strength. "I love the blue ... u .... hhh". Man's sentence was cut short and his eyes closed. Photo fell out of a man by the hand to the ground. The dog tried to lick master's face to wake him, but no response. The master is in a better place.

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