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Rules to be followed while building a website

Some of these fundamental rules were created merely because the website creators mistreated definite principles without gaze at for their users. Most of web design companies assemble a small list of web design rules that all must learn and value when designing or developing a website that requires for making authentic money. This list can also be used by other companies, who all are searching to hire a web development company or to assess an already organized website project.

Let us discuss the rules one-by-one:

1. Do not ever re-adjust the user’s browser window. Designers feel really cool when they put little bit of Java on your web page and like a modest miracle the browser window re-adjust to your wishes. The dreadful web techniques are generally found with spam websites and when ‘designers’ design websites.

2. If your website needs the visitor to load your home page, and then ‘launch’ your real website in a pop up, then you lose and the process has to be started over again. If your website doesn’t load straight away on your home page and couldn’t deliver your message within a couple of seconds, it’s very hard to keep visitors along for the show. This technique mostly applied on or with Flash website designers, who for some motive think all flash websites must load in a pop up window, and has 30 second loading series.

3. Flash it just a tool, a perfect commanding tool for distributing animation, video, interfaces, shopping carts, functionality etc. the list goes on and on. This doesn’t mean that you require creating your complete website in Flash, and if done then it will be at a stern disadvantage to your wiser competitors.

4. Do not try to re-create the website navigation. Put it on the top, the left, even at the right will also work but do not try to re-create the way people network with digital interfaces while trying to in fact sell your product or service. People will get confused, then irritated, and then gone forever.

5. If you do not have sufficient text on your home page, not in an image, and to a slighter amount your whole website, hire a copywriter. Content is considered as King. Search engines don’t index fancy graphics and Flash, they index only text.

6. If you hire web designer and if the designer didn’t make your website and functionality well-matched with Firefox, they detectably have no idea what they’re working on, and aren’t up on their game.

7. No blinking text, no Front page, no pop-ups - even requested, no scrolling text, no font downloads, and no Flash intros. If your product or service requires flash introduction for sell.

8. If you use music on your website, give guarantee that the visitors will able to stop the music at their own will and not to start on again on page load, without the visitors requesting it.

9. Same goes for video with audio; many web users surf from work and don’t enjoy their speaker’s blows up with awful and disturbing taste in music.

10. Text navigations are much more in use than images, this isn’t a big deal but it’s better to use text for your navigation with some clever CSS, than to export large and swollen mouseover image navigation. Dreamweaver makes it look so easy, but you’ll gain in a lot of other ways without it. Images cleverly used, just like Flash are outstanding, but don’t rely always on mouseover graphics to send your image, design is more about content than designing the interface.

One might say that if you follow these rules, the web would be an uninteresting, arid and traditionalist web of sites only engineered for only one thing and that is selling your products and services.

Source : PLAVEB - Web Design Company

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