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Love Story 2050 - A review

"Poor man's Hrithik Roshan" - That is how I would describe Harman Baweja on his debut in "Love Story 2050". And Harman tries very hard to reinforce that impression. That is my biggest grouse against the newcomer. Instead of trying to create his own identity he has tried to project himself as a shadow of Hrithik. Also, his dialogue delivery is very suspect. But that is about Harman. Lets talk about the movie.

The storyline is very flimsy. To make a Sci-Fi movie, you need to make sure it will at least convince the layman if not the "experts" and the geeks. The plot appears forced. The movie duration was about 3 hrs, a stretched out duration for such a pedestrian effort. The whole plot has one pivotal point - The hero (Karan) trying to get his “soul mate” back from the future (from her re-incarnation) since he loses the “current version” in a road accident. The only reason he does not go back (in the past) and save her from the accident is because the time machine is short circuited and hard coded to hit 2050. But tell me this, for a person who made the time machine, is it not possible to change the fried component and go back and save her. There are tons of other such loose ends. The fiend in the movie who is supposed to provide the twists in the movie is an assistant to the scientist (Karan’s uncle). But in the “present” there is no introduction or background for this guy. He is also supposed to murder the scientist uncle but there is no “solution” for this predicament. Harman who is desperately trying to mimic Hrithik, fails to mimic Hrithik’s superhit debut.

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