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Space Infinitum - Boundaries of Space

We are yet to send a human being to a different planet in our solar system. The farthest we have been visiting is our own satellite moon. To think there are billions of stars in our galaxy like our very own sun (range of stars in a galaxy is from 1 million to 1 trillion). We are talking of a trillion other planets in each galaxy (on average). Each universe contains about 200 Billion galaxies. The numbers are mind boggling. There are seemingly 7 people who resemble us in our planet earth. There is no doubt in my mind there is life other than us in the galaxy, maybe even in our solar system not to mention the universe. But the bigger question is, what is beyond the universe? Beyond all the universes, what is beyond that? Is there a parallel universe to ours? We are aware of dimensions like length, breadth, distance, time, etc. But are there dimensions we are not aware of? Someone I can reach a billions of lightyears away, but just within a soul searching distance away? Someone I can communicate by unleashing the power of the mind and soul? If this all sounds too abstract and too random, excuse me, but I am just typing out my thoughts.

The possibilities are overwhelming. Think about a simple action by an person here on this planet affecting millions probably billions of other beings in this universe. I wake up a few minutes late, this can alter the future of the world (believe me I am not exaggerating). I wake up a few minutes late, may mean there might be an accident I avoided or a life that got spared (it could be a person, an insect or a micro-organism). How that spared life evolves, maybe the micro-organism mutates and turns into epidemic, maybe the person who got spared influences a Hitler or a Mother Teresa. The way we influence this world is mysterious and infinite. We are now talking about how an action here extends to other planets, star systems, galaxies, universe (and so on).

The basic question I always ask myself is, what is beyond the universe (I am sure the answer is more universes). Yeah! But what beyond that? I am sure there is a scientific term for a state subsuming multiple universes. But what beyond that. Where does it end? If it ends, what is beyond that? I guess you get the idea.

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