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Honesty & Cynicism

When an auto driver picks me up from in front of my house and drops me to office without asking for a premium, I have reasons to doubt the meter in his auto. But when I start noticing the meter running as per expectations, my next concern is of being harassed in front of office for extra money or to hear the driver grumble about the extra distance, etc. You get the idea. Sometimes, it’s the “Sorry sir, I don’t have the change” routine that robs you of the extra 10 – 20 bucks. However, when (for a change) the driver stops in front of the office, with the meter showing the expected amount and the driver returns the exact change in exchange for a big note, that day is special. Now, I am as much of a cynic as my neighbor is, maybe less so, but this kind of emotional feeling when a driver doesn’t try swindling you (something that should be expected of him) is what makes me wonder about the world we live in. Honesty has become an exception (a very rare one at that) rather than the rule.

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