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Aarushi's Case

"The biggest burden a person can ever have is to carry the dead body of his child on his shoulders" is the translation of a very strong dialog in the megahit Hindi film "Sholay". Unfortunately for Aarushi's parents, not only do they have to carry that burden but they also have to clear themselves of the suspicion that the police and media have cast on them. Don't get me wrong. I am not saying they are not guilty. But, I am surprised at the way the police and more so the media have jumped the gun in being the judge and the jury and pronouncing them guilty. The media has made the life of the parents a nightmare by hounding them and making a spectacle of their misery. Its like the paparazzi (or stalkarazzi) hounding. This is under the assumption that they are not guilty. And last I remember, I think the motto was "Innocent until proven guilty" and not the other way round. What is more distressing is the way they are assassinating the character of the deceased girl. Still in her early teens, the girl obviously enjoyed the attention of the other sex. The police want to make it out as she is characterless and received a befitting end. While their insensitivity is appalling, the way each and every aspect of the investigation finds its way to the media houses reeks of leaks and “moles” in the office of the upholders of the law. I think the media plays its role in maintaining cases of injustice in public attention to ensure the investigations are not bungled up or worse tampered with. The Jessica lal and Nitish Katara cases are illustrations of this point. However, how they are fulfilling their journalistic responsibility by revealing the chat transcripts of a teenage girl with her (boy)friends is questionable. The first day the police said it was the servant who dunnit. The next day when it is found that he is also an unfortunate victim of the murderer, the finger automatically shifts to the parents. Now to justify their allegations they want to prove that the girl deserved what she got. However, they are under immense media scrutiny and pressure to show some progress. Who is to blame for the unfortunate turn of events? The police or the media? Only time will tell who is right.

Ultimately, the only victims seem to be the deceased girl, the servant and their respective families. For better or worse, two of them are not here to respond to the allegations or to clear their name but the people they have left behind seem to have a hard time to pull their lives together. I hope they are guilty for the pain they are suffering. If not, its another travesty of justice and farce of our (the media, the police and the public) social responsibility.

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