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Yellow Jounalism

Remember the days when the only news you got (in India) was on the government run Doordarshan? DD for short. The channel was often accused of toeing the government line in some controversial instances. Or there was Vividhbharathi. Now, every other channel is a news channel. What do they focus on? You got it. They focus on scandals, titillating stories or worse sensationalism. I fail to understand how publicizing a personal clip of two youngsters having sex (of course, with the faces slightly fudged, the anatomy fudged enough to escape censure from the broadcasting department) , sometimes with the insensitivity of disclosing names, addresses (I remember once they showed the house of the victim in a rape case – while claiming not to reveal the name to protect her identity). I fail to understand what value the clip has to general public, why the repeated telecast (all day) of this clip? Why? Titillation, TRPs, eye balls and ad revenue, what else?

The sting operations, why don’t they focus on day to day issues? Why not catch traffic cops who wait for the “golden” handshake (this is where they stop a vehicle and let it pass if the occupant of the vehicle discreetly palms a 50 Rs/100 Rs note out, the money changes hands, literally, almost in a shake hand like action and they both go their own way). Why not focus on the RTO office where no vehicle gets registered unless we give them some money for “buying sweets for their kids”. What about the registrar office? Why not do something useful and help the public? But NO! These are everyday problems and there is no “viewership” in this, is there?

Almost every news channel covers more of the IPL, more of “Khali”, more of “Kareena-Saif” stories than they bother about the Jaipur blasts, than the recent earthquake in China or the Chinese nuke threat to India. Why can these news channels use their resources to do some investigative journalism regarding the Jaipur blasts? Why can't they not use their resources to do some real news rather than these tabloid journalism. But then, I repeat myself. I already answered why.

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