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Jaipur Blasts

Even before the blood has dried on the streets, the political bigwigs are busy covering their asses. The BJP, as expected, rises the ghost of POTA and the softness of Congress government at the center, on terrorism. Congress on its part, again as expected, puts the blame squarely on the BJP led state government. Sometimes I wonder if it would make sense to have a one party rule across the country. Before I get blasted by "experts" on the infeasible suggestion, please, this is just my frustration with the lack of ownership and accountability by the government(s).

While its easy to talk of gathering intelligence, or the failure to gather them in time, let us be honest and accept that they seem to be better equipped and abreast of technological advances than the average policeman. I am not sure if our RAW or internal security is also as equipped as they show in our hollywood action thrillers. Whatever problem I see in India, it ultimately boils down to 2 things:

Is the latter a byproduct of the former?

Look at our defense deals. No deal is complete without some skeletons spilling out of the closets of some senior politicians or defense bigwigs. And a lot of middlemen in between. Why are people corrupt? Right from the ministers to the aam aadmi, everyone seems to expect more than what is their due. Who is the aam aadmi by the way? Why are we not able to fight corruption? I think we are stuck in a spiral of death. A police constable does not get the job till he shells out moolah to the inspector and some local politicians (and these bribes run into lacks of Rs). Now an aam aadmi, the would be "keeper of law" would tap into other resources )like loans) for this "bootstrap" amount. Once he gets his job, first he needs to repay the loan and this is not possible with the meager salary a constable entails and then he also needs to think of setting up his family, planning for his children so that they do not end up like him. So, a quick alternative, corruption and bribes beckon. Same applies to a politician who spends crores of Rs in supplying his "constituents" cheap liquor and giving away some free cash. He has to recover that money somehow, right?

I digress, the point I wanted to make is more to do with the people in the government who instead of owning responsibility and being accountable and compassionate are busy pointing fingers. The affected kin of the departed (rest their souls) would be handed over some compensation. A week from now it would be business as usual. Once in a while we would get reports of some connection between this blasts and some friendly neighborhood country's government agency. There will be some more political mud-slinging, accusations flying thick and scoring some points over the other party. At the end of this is the same old slumber till the next blast awakens our conscience. The conscience of the aam aadmi

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