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My Name Is Khan!

Well, my name isn't. But that is the title of the next movie that Shah Rukh Khan will be starring in. And he is very busy trying to garner publicity (free one at that) from the latest incident in US. He seems to be crying foul about established security procedures in a country that is equally threatened by terrorism. Does he really consider himself above others that he feels that his being detained and questioned is the most atrocious blunder that can possibly be committed? There are a lot of news articles that a lot of local (US) celebrities have been detained, questioned and in some cases being denied travel rights (most recent of them being Edward Kennedy who was supposedly stopped from flying multiple times). Our president Dr. Abdul Kalam was also frisked. That is when I was indignant. I didn’t see our Mr. Khan expressing his displeasure then. But when its personal, yes, it hurts. But to expect to be treated differently just because he is a star is conceited and ostentatious. The usual bad boy of bollywood, Salman Khan, has of recent times being a voice of reason in the otherwise flippant bollywood community. Two incidents of late showed that he can sometimes sport a stable head on his shoulders.
1) In the aforementioned incident he did say that the security procedures are meant to prevent terrorist acts and no big deal regarding the inconvenience to some passengers. Didn’t we say the same thing when 26/11 happened? I have to show my ID at office and sometimes I am stopped to show some identification at the entrance of the flats I stay in. I cannot complain being asked to show identification when I expect security in my living complex.
2) Salman has recently gone to bring a voice of reason again w.r.t. muslim stars who claim that they are being discriminated against. Come on, guys, there will be some odd nuts who do discriminate. But to label a community or a country discriminatory just because you were targeted once is senseless. Like Salman said, this is the country where the top billed stars are all muslims.. Now that cant happen with discrimination, can it?

Live in peace. Especially you, Mr. Khan (Shah Rukh)

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