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gPodder – Keep Podcasts Tuned In Linux

gPodder is a podcast client or podcatcher. It has all the abilities needed to serve your podcasting needs, managing all your subscriptions with greater control, without missing a bit. It is open source software written in Python with a GTK interface. It looks very simple and is easy to use even for a first time user.

Though looks simple and bit faded, it has the power embedded within it. So let’s dig through its features one by one.

When you install and run gPodder for the first time, it gives options to select podcasts from your subscription , if you have any just specify it else select from podcast already present like “Linux tech show” , “Linux Outlaws” etc.

Once you are ready, you should see their titles and icons in the left-hand column and the episode list for the selected show on the right. Episodes can be selected for download, so you have only what you want. All downloads performed are placed in the gpodder-downloads folder in home directory. The thing you will like the most is the proper arrangement of all the folders with each having its own playlist included.

Controlling the content download can be done by limiting the download speed and number of contents to be downloaded. Episodes once played can even be deleted automatically after a certain number of specified days. This feature helps in keeping your hard disk clean from old stories.

Apart from all these features it can also transfer data to your portable device like ( ipod, File system based music player , MTP-Based players).

gPodder can be tried out by people who have multiple podcast subscriptions. It supports Linux distributions like openSUSE, Fedora, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Debian, Gentoo, Maemo (can also be run on Nokia N800, N810, N900 and many more) and even supports Windows xp,Vista and windows7.

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