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Paint.NET – A Quick Retouch To Images

Paint.Net is a Free and very useful image editing software for Windows only. If you always wanted to edit images, add some cool effects but got confused with Photoshop’s interface, then this is probably the right platform.

Basically I am nowhere near the job of editing pictures, tried to learn Photoshop but was never successful. Moreover till you do not require to create a heavily edited and special effect added image, Paint .NET will be handy.

Meant for simple retouching and resizing images, it is a powerful tool with a simple interface. It opens quickly without any delay.

Now, while you are prepared with Paint.NET, you can take image input from Hard disk or even take in images from external camera or Scanner directly. This option is provided in FILE>Acquire.

Once the image is opened, you are ready to explore the world of Pain.NET.

There are few windows that are needed to be familiar with, Tools, Colors, History and Layers.

With the Tools and History window you will be able to Edit images and keep track of your moves one by one. Adding Layers makes your richer like photo shop you can add effects to your images layer by layer to get a final effective image. Any of these windows can be turned off or on from the window option.

The adjustment option provides options to control color levels of the image.

The Effects option provides a variety of cool effects that can be added to the selected layer or section.
Artistic – add effects like ink sketch, oil painting and pencil sketch.
Blurs – Want some blur effects? Here you get Fragment, Gaussian Blur, Motion Blur, Radial Blur, Unfocus and Zoom Blur.
Distort – Various distort effect provided are Bulge, Frosted glass, Pixelate, Polar Inversion, Tile reflection and Twist.
Noise – add or remove noise to images with Add Noise, Median and reduce noise.
Photo – Provides photo adjustments like Glow, Red Eye Reduction, Sharpen and Soft Portrait.
Render – Render images with Cloud, Julia Fractal and Mandelbrot Fractal.
Stylize – add styles like Edge Detect, Emboss, Outline and relief.

This is not just the end.Paint.NET undergoes improvement each day. If you want more then that provided by Paint.Net, Click on Help then Plugins and expand the world of experience.

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Me and my friend use all the time. We love it.
Shadowninja7194 on Fri Mar 26, 2010 9:48 pm

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