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Yahoo! Widget Engine- Work Blended In Beauty

Every one wants shortcuts in life,that makes work easier at our finger tips. If that is available with a blend of beauty who denies?

So here is Yahoo Widgets at your service, bringing all the latest updates you wanted to your desktop. Formerly known as the “Konfabulator” it is the most liked widget I ever installed on my system.

The widget on installation provides a lot of handy visual information sets like :

* The analog Clock- Displays system time as a analog Clock on desktop.
* Battery status- Shows your Laptop Battery status with % power left in battery. Turns red from green when battery is left with less power.
* Day planner- Plan your important schedule for the day and get reminded of your work.
* Digital clock- See a trimmed digital clock on your desktop.
* Itunes Remote- play Itunes music directly from here.
* Picture Frame- Select pictures from yahoo photos, Flickr or a local directory to display a slideshow .
* Yahoo!Finance- keep in touch with the latest up’s and down’s of the Stock market.
* Yahoo mail checker- Get instant updates of your yahoo mail.
* Weather report- stay tuned with the weather report of your location.

Apart from these widgets lot’s more can be downloaded from HERE .

The thing I liked is that customization is pretty good for each widget ,selecting colors, transparency, and widget placement gives greater control .

Inspite of it’s cool features ,it is not so cool on Ram and Processor’s of slow computer because each widget opens in its new window as if it is a different process.

Yahoo! Widgets is the only major desktop Widgets platform that works on both Windows and Mac OS. Giving it a try would open your doors for some real experience.
To view screen shots visit .

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