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Recover Deleted Data With ‘Recuva’

Recuva is a small and FREE data recovery utility for windows by Piriform. It can recover files deleted accidentally from hard disk. It even recovers files on your portable media like external hard disks, mp3 players, memory cards etc. Recuva scores in the field of its simplicity and powerful operation.

The interface of recuva is too simple even for a first time user. By default it starts in wizard mode, which provides you with various kinds of options about the type of Data you want to recover, Pictures, Videos, Music, Document and Others (if you are not sure of the data type).

After selecting the type of Data you want to recover, you will get options to select location to search for the files. The options include:

* I’m not sure. (This will search all media drives and external drives connected to the system).
* On my media card or Ipod. (Recuva searches only externally connected media drives (except CD and floppy drives).
* In My Documents (Restricts the search to ‘My Documents’ only).
* In the Recycle Bin (Searches for files deleted from Recycle Bin).
* In a specific location (Allows to search deleted files at any particular folder or drive e.g, d:/Movies).

When you have feed all these instructions, the last step remains is to specify a ‘Deep Scan’ this option will make a throughout scan on the selected location (Probably used when data to be recovered is pretty old), leaving this option blank will take a ‘Quick Scan’ by default. Time taken for the scan depends on the selected mode and size of location.

Once the scan is done all deleted files of specified category are shown. There are two type of indicators used to show the health files:

1. Green- The file is in good condition and can be recovered.
2. Red- The file cannot be recovered or if recovered also it might not work. This may be a cause of overwriting the cluster in which the file was present by some other program or data.

So these are the simple steps by which we can recover recently deleted data.

Failure of recovery in case of files deleted long ago or recovery after a format has been a drawback of Recuva. As FREE software it has proved its worth.

To Download Recuva CLICK HERE .

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