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What will you do when you have just formatted your system and you do not have the installer for the IM you use?
The most probable answer would be just downloading it .That sounds great if you are using a high speed internet, it is a “Matter of a few minutes”. But what if you do not? Would you like your friends and loved ones at the other corner to wait, till you finish download and installation? Or what will you do if your internet service provider (ISP) has blocked the IM you use? We definitely feel helpless in these situations.
Here arises the need for a substitute and the answer to these questions is meebo.
Meebo is a web2.0 application which allows us to connect to a variety of IM including yahoo, google talk, myspace , msn, facebook, aim and many others.

Some appealing features of meebo are :

There is no need to register with meebo to use any of these services.
It includes a password recovery tool for each of these services.
It supports dockable windows for each chat.
It also includes signing in as invisible.
If you are a firefox user you may also like the meebo add-on for firefox, which makes things easier.
Check this out .

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