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Clintons Need To Step Aside

It is time for the Clintons to take a back seat. The cost of their hanging on is costing the good people of the country too much. The very people that they have tried to help over the years are the ones that will suffer the most; the poor, the downtrodden, the broken and those that live on the fringe of society.

The Clintons have had the White House in their sight for many years. The only time it was in doubt was doing the Monica Lewinsky episode.

Ms. Hillary Clinton would be the first woman to be president of the United States and the Clintons would be the first husband and wife to serve in the highest office in the country and or the world. There is nothing wrong with their ambition; it is good to dream and they tried to get everybody they could in their debt along the way. Many of the things they did while in the governor's seat in Arkansas and all things they did in Washington was about winning favor for the day Hillary would run for president.

They could not have timed things better when it comes to possibly winning the popular vote winning over a Republican presidential nominee. But they could not have picked a worse time for winning the Democratic nomination.

The Barack Obama factor has surprised us all. He has shocked us all. He has amazed us all. He has outdone us all. Everybody that thought they knew politics has been surprised by Obama, a man that made a speech. The political conventions will be careful, very careful, about whom they let speak from now on.

The man is the most inspiring person to come from Harvard Law School and a person of deep commitment who transfers that commitment to those that hear him when he speaks. He has brought tens of thousands into the political arena who never wanted to be a part of the political process before.

Now, he has won the most states and the most delegates. He has won in every section of the country and he has won blacks and whites and all other colors and classes. He has just won. It is time for Hillary to step aside and let the party come together behind Obama if the Democrats are going to have a real chance in November.

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He has just won. It is time for Hillary to step aside and let the party come together behind Obama if the Democrats are going to have a real chance in November.
I wouldn't say that so quickly. What makes you think that he has a better chance to win in November? He will get throttled by the Republicans in the time between his nomination and November if he doesn't start talking about the issues. What is his stance of the number one issue of today: the economy? How will he turn this economy around? How exactly will he change things in Iraq to make for a quick pullout? He just isn't talking about the issues and that will kill his chances. No one knows where he stands on so many important issues. All you hear from him is hope-change-hope-change-hope.

Furthermore, he is way to unexperienced to become president and most people don't even know anything about what he has done while he has been in Congress these past few years. Can you name one piece of legislation Obama voted for/against? Don't worry if you can't because you aren't alone. Countless "political experts" who were Obama supporters couldn't do it either. Don't believe me? Youtube it.

At this point I feel that no one really knows Obama and that he is just getting lucky with the bandwagon effect (especially many of the high school/college people who just jump on one side due to what their friends do instead of looking at the issues. By the way I am in that young group too, but that is the sad truth about many people my age). He uses a lot of pathos by using words such as hope and change, but one thing some people don't realize is that obviously all of the candidates want the best for America and they all also believe that their political ideals will give hope to the nation and create change towards good. I think the best thing for the Democratic party would actually be a joint ticket between Hilary-Obama, but there is no way that will happen with Obama in the first slot. It will have to be Hilary-Obama not Obama-Hilary because Obama just won't let that happen. A joint ticket between the two will give the Democrats the best shot at winning the White House due to the wide audience they appeal to.

By the way, I am not an Obama supporter or a Hilary supporter.
MYP415 on Tue Apr 01, 2008 10:01 pm
Only Bill Clintion can be a president, but he already already has. Hillary needs to give it up. Her campaign tatics an just her speeches turn me off. And on top of that, she has campaign debt. YES SHE HAS CAMPAIGN DEBT. She's unable to give her stuff medical, so how cn she give us free medical. I will come back with a source providing this.
boldstance on Fri Apr 04, 2008 12:09 am

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