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Some thoughts for optimizing Bing

Some thoughts for optimizing Bing

1) Focus on categories presented for your most key search terms. Use Bing’s categories in your key words and in your site navigation.

2) Domain Age is very important. Building micro-sites off your main site vs. independent new sites is key for Bing. Additional findings for Bing thus far.

3) Text Rules
Bing favors pages with at least 300 words of text.

4) Linking Out
Bing favors linking out more than other engines as long as the links are relevant to the overall context of the site and keywords.

5) News Sites vs. Blogs
Bing favors news source sites over blogs especially for breaking news, although major blogs are recognized by Bing as major news sources. Blogs with less significant traffic are not.

6) Page Titles
As with any white hat SEO strategy, page titles should correlate well with the primary subject and keywords on page. Bing seems to follow this more stringently than other web sites.

7) Heavy Flash sites rank better with Bing than Google. A good strategy for a site with a lot of Flash is to emphasize SEO for Bing and continue your Google efforts. Bing and Google draft off one another indirectly as they are both continuously crawling off the web. That means Bing can help heavy Flash sites do better on Google over time as well.

8 ) Don’t overuse keywords in your content and also don’t use irrelevant keywords to increase a page’s keyword density.

9) Place average keywords in your meta tags and content.

10) Don’t use hidden text or links else your website can be blacklisted and ignored.

11) Avoid overused link schemes to avoid being banned.

12) Enable MSNBot onto your site and submit URLs for all sub-pages as it doesn’t automatically crawl all pages.

13) Keep fresh relevant content on your site and update it regularly.

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